MRI Results

As promised, I wanted to provide an update this week once I knew more about the next steps with my PSC. I’ll start with the good news: I have been feeling really good the past week with no more bouts of nausea and very little itching. Knock on wood…

I had an MRI a few days ago and received the results from the doctor’s office yesterday. It showed some strictures (narrowing) in the liver bile ducts again and the doctors would like to conduct another ERCP to dilate and place a stent or two to open them up.

As you may remember from a previous post, the last time I had an ERCP procedure I ended up in the hospital with an infection. In order to prevent this from happening again, the plan is be placed on antibiotics before the surgery and take them for 10 days.

I was able to schedule the ERCP for next Tuesday and if all goes well, I’ll be home that evening with just a mild sore throat. The doctor will also need to remove (or replace) the stents with another ERCP in approximately four weeks.

As always, I’ll provide an update if things change (which they seem to do often with PSC).  🙂

Thanks for joining me on the journey.

~Liver Life to The Fullest                       


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