Just a quick update for you.

I was discharged from the hospital today as planned. The 48 hour review of my blood cultures did not reveal any specific bacteria, so the doctors decided to send me home on the antibiotics I had been taking previously since they are safe for baby.

The doctors are still all unsure of what is causing the fevers as there are not any other clear symptoms or signs. One doctor mentioned there are all sorts of tests/scans they could run, but since I’m pregnant, many of them could be harmful to baby. Since there’s no symptoms pointing us in any direction, we decided it’s safest for baby to see how things continue to progress.

So fingers crossed that the fevers subside for the rest of the pregnancy and/or for answers to become more clear. Our hope is perhaps the doctors at Rochester Mayo may have some insight as to what is going on as well.

For now, I’m home and feeling pretty much back to normal (minus the lack of sleep from being in a hospital setting).   We’ll continue to take this one day at a time and do whatever it takes to keep baby safe.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.

~Liver Life to the Fullest

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